First, the bottom line: $99 per year period. Read on if you want to, but nothing we will say will increase the $99 per year bottom line for registered agent services.

The fees others charge vary from zero to over $300 per year. To illustrate the point, let's say you live in Illinois and have an Illinois corporation. Your brother-in-law Bill, who lives in Michigan, may be willing to be your Illinois corporation's registered agent in Michigan for nothing. But if Bill overlooks something important, what is your recourse? And what if you don't have relatives in the state or states where you want to do business? If you want to do business in Ohio (or elsewhere), some non-relative may be available in Ohio (or elsewhere) to act as your statutory agent cheap because he or she wants part-time income and the statutory agent job sounds like there's not a lot of work to it. But if they fail to tell you about being served with some important papers, it's your problem. Remember that service on your agent is service on you.

At the other end of the scale, there are companies who will charge you nearly triple the registered agent fee you pay LawyeRagents' lawyers. Though the higher end companies meet the responsibility requirements you need, there can be timing problems if you use them.

Why are our lawyers, who certainly meet the responsibility requirements, so much less expensive? That sounds sort of unlawyer-like. The simple answer is that lawyers, like any other business or profession, need new business. If you have a problem in some distant state, you may need a lawyer to help you. On the positive side, your business could be the next Google. Either way, if our lawyers have an initial connection they have a better chance of getting the job if you need help. If you select them as your registered agent/statutory agent/resident agent, they have that initial connection. You don't have to come to them later if you need help, but you are more likely to, especially if you are pleased with their service. This makes it possible to offer you reliable, responsible registered agent service at a reasonable rate.


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